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The Ongoing Autobiography of Frank Carrera (fcarrera3) wrote,
@ 2006-12-06 20:00:00
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    Monthly update?
    my posts are getting further and further apart.

    Why the lag in posting?

    Because I've just been so fuggin' busy!

    Early last month, I packed up my comics, my clothes and my family (that sounds weird...), and headed to Dallas for Wizard World Texas.

    It was cool. Fun as always. I got a boatload of comics autographed but only one sketch. It took all weekend but it was worth it.

    Photo Hosted at

    Frankie, Jazz and Lexy all got a bunch of great sketches. I even got Angie a sketch book as well. She only got 2, but it's a start.

    After that, I've just been working and when not working, things around the house. That garage has been so damn disorganized. I took a day last week or so to go through all those boxes and just CLEAN UP. It took all day, but I finally made some sort of sense of it. While I was doing that, Laura put the Christmas tree up.

    She's so awesome. This year's theme? THE HOUSTON TEXANS!

    Photo Hosted at

    She even had the Texans logo airbrushed on our treeskirt.

    This week we put up the lights around the house.

    Last week was Frankie's 11th birthday.

    We had a little something with a few of his friends, the kids and my nieces at the bowling alley. He wanted to go roller skating, but the rink is closed during the weekday. Which surprised the hell out of me. Luckily, Laura came up with the idea of going bowling.

    Everyone had a great time.

    Funny thing was, Tuesday nights are League nights. We got a little "rowdy" (well, actually the kids did.) The manager had to come over and ask us to quiet it down a bit. He was cool about it and apologized for having to even say anything. He even gave me a huge stack of free game passes for the next time we go!

    Then there was also Thanksgiving.

    Nothing spectacular, but a nice day with the family here in the new house. Lots of food and good football. The next morning, I braved the Early Bird Shoppers.

    It was the first time I'd ever done that. Chris went with me and, wow, it was an experience. All I went for was a special on new bikes for the kids, and walked out with a little more then I'd planned.

    It was really crazy to see the lines and crowds at Best Buy, Circuit City, and Walmart.

    These people don't bullshit!

    They take their shopping serious. And if you can't keep up, then man, you better get the hell out of their way!

    The only way I can describe it is like this. Imagine a swarm of locust attacking a wheat field stacked with $50 portable DVD players, $35 Micro Gameboys and $4 toasters. The show lasted no more than 15 minutes.

    It started right at 5am and by 5:20, all that was left were empty pallets.

    It was badass.

    I highly recommend going to check it out at least once.

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From Token
2006-12-09 10:37 (link)
Man, I check your blog EVERYDAY. It's like a prize when you post!


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