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The Ongoing Autobiography of Frank Carrera (fcarrera3) wrote,
@ 2006-10-06 16:07:00
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    No 24 Hour Comic Challenge for me this year...

    Tomorrow is this year's 24 Hour Comic book challenge Day. I attempted to meet the challenge last year and it was a TRIPPED OUT experience. There's pictures and posts about it somewhere around here, I'm just to lazy to post the link. Scroll back to April of last year to check it out.

    This year, I just don't have the time. I requested too many Sunday's and weekends off lately for Texans Games and Wizard World Texas, so to ask for a weekend off for this probably would have been too much.

    Plus, I didn't do anything to prepare for this. I haven't drawn anything lately and as you can see, haven't had much time to even post on my blog! So I just don't have the gas in me to run that 24 Hour Iron Man.

    Which sucks, because I really wanted to give it a run this year.

    That's also why I made that post about my 24 Hour drive to Dallas. I was going to do my 24 Hour Comic based on that experience.

    Sure, I can probably still do a comic on it, but it won't be done in 24 Hours.

    Special Shout Out to my boy, JM Hunter. He's probably getting geared up as I type this to make that run.

    Good luck, Hunter! Keep those pencils sharpened and I'll see you on the other side!

    Can't wait to see all the great stuff that gets turned out this year.

    If possible, go to for more info on 24 Hour Comic Day and books published on work done in the past.

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from token
2006-10-09 16:05 (link)
Hiya! So I'm taking this means you guys are finally settled in the new house? How are the kids liking their new rooms?

Also, I've a new blog site:

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