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The Ongoing Autobiography of Frank Carrera (fcarrera3) wrote,
@ 2006-10-05 22:09:00
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    So much to write about!
    Jesus, I just FINISHED that last post about evacuating and Laura's birthday but when I first wrote it, I was only able to write half of it.

    I just wrote the rest of it (but left the date the same).

    Laura's party was awesome. We had a "Casino Night" theme, renting a Roulette table and poker table, as well as a guy to deal for us.

    Jasmine had her prep classes last weekend for her big audition. On October 15th, she has an audition for Nickelodeon/Disney/MGM/Universal Studios/Paramount. Basically, her agency is having this thing where representative from most major studios are coming to see the kids Paige Parkes has. They'll do one or two auditions and if a studio likes them, they'll pick them up for Print Ads, Commercials or TV shows.

    Jasmine was chosen along with about 10 other kids to go.

    She's using a Welch's Commercial as her audition piece. She's got it down pretty damn good.

    During her class, she was nervous. After seeing the other kids go through theirs, she started to loosen up. I was really proud of her.

    I think she'll do okay. No matter what happens, I'm proud of her.

    She amazes me everyday.

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