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Nadja Femme (fatal_femme) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 15:31:00
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    UGH I am still tired...
    Me and my hubby viticus_caine picked up xpunk_fuckx and went to St. Pete to see Rocky Horror.
    We got there a little late so we missed the Virgins. What we did walk in on was a contest to win the 20th anniversary DVD. There were about 7 1/2 naked girls on stage and then one big fat guy in his boxers.
    It came down to a tie between these 2 girls who looked like they belonged on Jerry Springer and the boxers guy. To break the tie they had to seduce someone. Sooooo.... The 2 chicks went at it doing a fake muff diving expedition (boring) and another guy jumped up on stage (this little skinny dude) and started stripping and going at it with the bigger guy. They asked if anyone wanted to go up there and help out the big dude and I raised up xpunk_fuckx's hand before she knew what was going on and damnit she heard what they said again and yanked it down (bitch j/k) That would have been too funny! The 2 guys ended up winning which was cool.. The 2 girls went up there together so theirs was all planned out. I have to give the one guy credit for just jumping up there with the one dude and winging it LOL. All in all plenty of entertainment...To someone who has never been to Rocky Horror I am sure all of this sounds strange to you :P

    Me and my husband went on one of our first dates up in Maryland to one of these things so it was a pretty nostalgic evening for the both of us. This one was a lot different then the one we used to always go to. They didn't yell out much and a lot of what they yelled was different from what we knew (but I kind of expected that) and they all sang the correct songs not the well you know edited parts. I got up and did part of the Time warp this time but the walkways were so crowded I sat down 1/2 way through.
    The actors at this one were really good and so were the props I was impressed. We will definitely be going back! :)
    I enjoy stuff like this so much then damn dance clubs..maybe I am just a geek :P

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2003-08-26 01:10 (link)
Please join ratemenow :)

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2003-10-11 04:14 (link)
your husband is still a lucky man. well not so much 'lucky' as 'married-to-the-insanely-attractive-and-beautifully-featured-you'. i doubt luck had much to do with it.

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