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Kurt (fantomahawk19) wrote,
@ 2003-06-23 01:07:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:Frank Zappa

    Summer so far...
    Hm....The summer so far has been alright, its either tied between work and friends. Lately, theres been alot of fighting between my "group" of friends...Its kinda wierd. Yea, so.....Hm....I havent really been walking outside much, I kinda want to take a stroll down Ridge to see whats going on. I've been by the Muse a few times, but nothing cool goes on there anymore. Its usually the same gays that hang around it. Tommorow, there are talks of going to the beach....I dont think I'm gonna go, this god damn tattoo is really limiting alot of things I'm not able to do. Sucks. I am gonna go to Chicago hopefully Tuesday with some friends, so that should be nice....Oh yea! And I have the Blood Brothers to look forward to. July 10th I think it is. Thats gonna be rockin', since I didnt get to see em last time. Well, I guess thats about it. Oh yea! Thanks to Amy for showing me this! Yep....

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2003-06-24 18:10 (link)
Hi Butthead wheres todays entry??!?? HUH HUH PUNK! No Im just kidding. I have no life so i shall post a comment on your "Blurty". Well WRITE MORE i want to read some excitement! Some DRAMA! YEAH BABY YEAH! hmm...yes...goodbye Kurt.

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