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.x.stars are forever.x. (fallingstarr) wrote,
@ 2003-08-19 09:16:00
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    Current mood: lonely

    my life isnt getting any better...
    well i went to school today. it was okay. didnt really do anything. i didnt have to work. i left school went to my house and waited for jacqueline to get here. we rode around on the 4 wheeler and took pictures. then we went to my moms work. then to eat and wal-mart. we both bought this black and white diamond fabric to make a pillow with for adv clothing. then i went to shanes. he just got back from raleigh. and now he is going again. i know he has to stay tomorrow night. but he isnt sure about wednesday night. i havent even spent any time with him. when i get to his house i end up going to sleep because he wont go outside with me. then he tells me he is going to kennys. he wants me to go. i dont want to go and hang out with a bunch of guys. amanda wasnt going to be there. so i didnt want to go. i cant spend any time with him. the only time we have spent together was yesterday. but we fussed. so he is leaving tomorrow. i got mad at him because he was going to kennys. so i walked out of his house and didnt say goodbye. he yelled he loved me, i said i doubt it. he said call me, i said i wont. then he came out to my car. but i started backing up and left. i havent talked to him since. before i left his house, i called jacqueline to see what she was doing. she was with matt. i wanted to go to the movies. but that was out. so i came home. i feel like i have no friends. i have friends. but when i dont have shane, i dont have anyone i can talk to. they all are with their boyfriends. so im stuck by myself. my life is slowly beginning to suck. i feel like i have no boyfriend. and i feel like i have no friends. but thats okay. i dont need anyone. im fine. ill live my life by myself. maybe i will find friends, maybe i wont. so fuck it

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2003-08-19 21:09 (link)
i wuv u celia!!

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