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she falls so fast. (fallingfast) wrote,
@ 2003-07-29 19:55:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Sugarfree - fade away

    love ko talaga tuesdays :)
    hehe. oh, what fun! i really really <3 tuesdays! woo! :)

    we ate at mcdonald's... grabe, parang we didn't eat for 1 week. Hahaha. I ate two piece chicken with mcfluwee! woo! haha. Si Chrizel she got 1 piece chicken with 2 fries and 1 mc chicken. Hahaha. Laughtrip! After eating we all felt like going to the bathroom talaga... hahaha.

    after that, we went to UM to... uh, accompany Chrizel coz she bought a gift for her bro... anyway, parang ni-raid namin yung isang cd place doon. we bought so many cds! hahaha! tapos, talaga! i swear! mga tao sa cd-r king ang TATARAY! my gooosh! kanina they were so mad at this guy kasi ung benQ na cd binabalik ng guy coz it was gasgas and then nagtataray sila na parang they don't sell gasgas cds.... errr. whatever. hehehe.

    anyway, i ended up buying sugarfree & barbie's cradle pirated cds! hehe. i really wanted to buy dvds 'coz i din't have any dvds here sa condo.. eh ayun.. hehe.. i ended up buying cds nalang! blah! blah! wuttelz? Ahhhh, Pat bought super mario games! wooot!

    we decided not to attend algebra because we thought we were going to get our sched today.. super.. badtrip and laughtrip ... 'coz nalaman namin .... TOMORROW PA PALA! hahahaha! we went around school kasi talaga, pinagpilitan namin na ngayon kami mag-enlist. hahaha. We were in the library ... tapos we were just talking.. at grabe, ilan beses kaming sinitahan! haha!

    let me quote from Pat: "kaya pala mga librarians dito mahaba ang nguso (nguso ba yun?) kasi sitsit sila ng sitsit" AHAHAHAHHA.

    so ayun lang naman.. haha. laughtrip ever. eeekk. :)

    they'r goin here tomorrow. yahay.ΓΌ

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2003-07-29 10:17 (link)
uuuy, sugarfree! :)

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2003-07-29 14:02 (link) live by yourself in a condo?

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2003-07-29 14:55 (link)
gusto ko ng CD ng sugarfree!!! kahit pirated (ang sama) love ko songs nila :D

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2003-07-30 04:29 (link)
ang tataray nga ng mga babae sa CD-R king! newly-hired yung mga yun, ang tataray na! lalo na yung isa dun na medyo chubby tapos mahaba yung buhok. hmmph.

wala lang. :)

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2003-07-31 01:44 (link)
hahah, benta sakin yung hirit. :p

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