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falling_theory (falling_theory) wrote,
@ 2005-06-07 17:47:00
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    Current mood:determined
    Current music:taking back sunday-where you want to be.

    running in circles on a straight street.
    and i am crushed..
    i read becca's blurty journals?.. and i wasnt supposed to?.. hm. how about that, a public online journal, that i stumbled across, and yet am not supposed to read. EVENTHOUGH i learned more about my best friend than i have in a year.. interesting. but, yet.. i promised her i wouldnt anymore. even though it was a one time thing, i will humour her because i love her. and i miss her. god. why does it always have to be 2 against 1?.. now even jolene is being vague with me..

    my birthday is in 4 days i believe?.. but it doesnt really matter, they are going away camping for the weekend leaving me here. by myself. yeap, its a nice feeling. maybe i will hang out with evan?.
    i think today i realized i have lost all feelings for him, there still with be that sudden smile when i see him, but only because i care, nothing more. its too much work.

    the people here are asking after you..

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