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FallenMiaAngel (fallenmiaangel) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 16:23:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:The Doors- Cars Hiss by my window

    It's Alive!
    I haven't really been compelled to update my journal this past month. I went back to court for the 2nd time, and my case is still under investigation. Hopefully the superior court will get sick of my case and either lower the charges against me, or just dismiss it altogether. That would be nice! Anyway, I am on vacation in Ohio visiting my Dad. I have been here since Tuesday July 29, 2003. I am here for another 4 days. I have decided it would be best while I have been away it would be the best for ME to break up with Dan.
    I came to this conclusion while spending quite some time with my ex-boyfriend Mitch, but he didn't influence my final choice much. I have just been procrastinating this for about a couple months now. It makes it much easier to break up with Dan when I just don't use emotions, and I just use logic. "Left brain- Right brain" bullshit. I've had fun while I have been here. Mitch and I went to Rocky Horror and we had sex in an old cemetary I used to hang out in when I lived here. It was nice to revisit the past.
    Then Mitch, CJ, Angela, and I went to the Irish festival in Dublin and saw the Flogging Molly live. I like that band now, they are pretty cool. Also, Mitch and I managed to smoke some weed, watch some scary movies at his Grandma's house, and trip out on prescription sleeping medications called Ambien. I know, sad isn't it? I had a really fun trip last night though. We went to my favorite place to trip out though, the cemetary.
    I just haven't been spending all my time with Mitch, I spent some time with my Dad. We went to the Ohio state fair one day with his girlfriend Angel and her daughter Kaleen. We might goto the zoo, oh joy... But now I would like to take this time to elaborate on my trip. We first walked to Speedway, because I wanted something to drink and the fountain drinks there are ghetto cheap. Then we proceeded to walk to the cemetary and just looked at all the gravestones. I thought I saw things move, people talking, animals coming after us, a hand coming up from the ground, some obsure animal jumping off a gravestone, and people all in black walking around. It was a real trip.
    Then Mitch and I just walked back to his Grandma's car and discovered that it had died. He left all the lights on. great... So I just let him sleep on the couch in my Dad's house until he could call AAA in the morning and get his battery jumped. I am kinda sad considering this is almost the conclusion of the summer and it's back to school. Great. Yay! Woo hoo! *sarcasm* But I am eager to get the semester over with though. And I can't wait to get rid of Dan once and for all, he is so boring and stupid!
    All I had to eat today is spegetti and 2 meatballs. This is all wish to consume today. I also went to MN last minute and saw my family, my Aunt get married and went to the family reunion. That was like 10 days before I flew out to Ohio. I have been doing really horrible on my diet also. I gained 7 lbs. I am a fat ass pig. Oh well, that will all change very very soon. I am also thinking about Matt which I hate doing since it makes me sad. Well, I better conclude for now.

    As Matt saids-

    ~for the people~

    All consumed today:

    Spegetti and 2 Meatballs ?

    8 0z Orange pop 130 cals

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