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FallenMiaAngel (fallenmiaangel) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 23:54:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:Marcy Playground

    D Day
    Well, in 6 minutes "D-Day" is officially here. I haven't really been antipating this day much. Due to the fact I have to goto a COURT! Then it's off to rehab the next day. I am not sure how long i'll be in, but I am still determined to keep the journal up. It might not be on the corresponding day since I will be resuming my entries on paper. I will mark the days though. It will be about my lovely expierence in a rehab. This isn't the first time I have been in a hospital though. This will be my 3rd time, perhaps 3X is a charm?

    Yay! I'll finally get to restrict properly since they control when we eat and when we don't so I am looking foward to that. =) God, that just sounded so wrong. Anyway, I am actually going to miss Dan alot since he began really being the boyfriend I first fell in love with now. I am really worried about my friend Romi, he doesn't seem to be doing well. From what he saids, he sounds deathly sick to the point he needs to go to the hospital, but he won't. I wish he would because I don't want him to suffer any longer.

    On top of that I am REALLY nervous about tomarrow, I hope I don't get sent to jail. Btw, I didn't follow my restriction plans I had planned the past 3 days. I am such a fat pathetic loser. But I will make it up when I am locked up in rehab. Hell, I might be so depressed when they take me off all my meds, that I won't want to eat and eat NOTHING (wishful thinking!). I promised both my father and Dan i'd contact them and tell them what happened in court. Well, I better resume packing, because I have to get up VERY early, 5:00 AM, Yuck!

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