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FallenMiaAngel (fallenmiaangel) wrote,
@ 2003-06-07 13:04:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:Xzibit

    I just broke it to my boyfriend I wanted to be just friends. He just insisted we "talk it out." It didn't really alter my opinion though. Anyway, I was so naughty last night. I am not suppost to drink or do drugs because I got into trouble for my DUI, but last night I drank alot. Anyway, I was outside and I started to talk to Eddie (Gill's nephew) and I thought he was hot. I really wanted to get with him and he knew it too cuz he was flirting back.

    Anyway, mind you, I have a boyfriend. God... Well, we had some drinks together and a ciggarette and we decided to get it on. So I met him in this spare room in my house and we started making out and stuff. We didn't take all our clothes off in case we got caught by someone. We were doing it and then we decided to go "on a walk" because we didn't want to get caught because my Mom really hates Eddie and that would not be good.

    So I got another beer and met him outside and we met behind my house and finished there. I felt really naughty. I know it's bad to cheat but I also had some alcohal in me too so I wasn't really thinking straight. My mom started yelling at me when I went back in the house and she was like, "Where have you been???" And then she said she thought I fucked Eddie or something and I denied it because I didn't want to get Eddie in trouble with his uncle and my mom. And I got away with it, and so did he. I am a good liar and I am not proud of that.

    It's just I am a sex addict and I didn't want to give up the offer. I know it's terrible but oh well, i'll never do it again! *sigh* I'll probably do it again. I goto rehab in 5 days and court in 4 for my verdict for my DUI I am really scared. Oh well, i'll be okay.

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