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The words were as mystical as purring animals (fallchild09) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 20:47:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:none

    your mom hahahhahaha oh god
    well jessie never called so i didnt do anything wiht my theatre friends. but then jenni called and she asked me to come over, and i had to take a shower, so when i was done i went over. when i got there, alex was there. what a suprise! she was behind the door, and she jumped out, and i screamed. lol it was humerous. we ate food, and then watched 8 mile. friggin stupid movie lol then alex left, and me and jenn went online, and were trying to find this journal entry form steff where she got eaten out. lol. were perverts its not our fault. anywho, then i left, and here we are. lol my dad is getting me mcdonalds now cuz im hungry. god im gonna get so fat. im already fat, but this is gonna make it worse. tomorrow i need to clean my room, and put down my rug. i did all my laundry, so at least i wont have to clean up any dirty clothes. so yea. thanksgiving break is boring. but i got some work done which is good. im just upset that my theatre friends didnt call. ill have to talk to them on monday. im having robbie and kenny withdrawal. i am so relieved that i finally chose kenny, now there will be no more debating it. although i still like dean, but it would never work cuz hes a senior. i think i still wanna be friends with benefits with him. hes just that kind of guy. hes not really the relationship type. plus i heard hes really controlling which is no good at all. yea well my dads home, and i have nothing else to say so bye.

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2003-11-30 01:36 (link)
"and were trying to find this journal entry form steff where she got eaten out"

hmmm..that's all i have to say

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