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The words were as mystical as purring animals (fallchild09) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 12:03:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:butthole surfers- pepper

    hello there....BUTTHOLE!!
    hey world. long time no update. lol ok so that was lame, but oh well suck my left nut. hahaa img ok so what have i been up to you ask? umm a lot. theatre for one thing...the new love of my life. i love it so much! the show was last night, and theres another one tonight. i cant wait. last night after the show, we went to andrea's house. we as in, mb, matt, me, andrea, robbie, cory,& crazy j. we had a frggin blast! tonight were going to doza's house. that should be fun 2. ok well other than that, mrs oatman referred me to the counseler, and she made me call my dad, and tell him about the pills. not good not good. hes nto gonna tell my mom tho which im happy about... on another note, i got my guitar. well i didnt get it, but i got it. i get it 4 christmas, but my dad already bought it. its a fender squire, black and white. im gonna pait the white part pink tho. wooohhhooo im so excited. ok well thats all.

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2003-11-22 15:22 (link)
WOO HOOO woop wopp for guitar players!!!!
you're going to love it.... you will never feel down..not as often at least...

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2003-11-22 22:47 (link)
Ewww... a Squier..... an undermake of fender.... *shudders* well atleast its not a Rogue.... Rogue id an undermake of Squier. anyways... dont give up on the guitar it will take a long time to get good. Oh I need to talk to you about 2 things so email me or contact me or something... ill be online tomorrow at like 1 or 2... so yeah... its important (or i think it is). well ttyl love ya


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