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Ashlyn Strickland (falconness) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 17:54:00
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    Current mood: apathetic
    Current music:Clipped - Rasputina

    I must learn to walk today
    I've been neglecting my poor journal. Poor thing. I'm sure it has missed me immensely... as it has a life and emotions and everything.

    Classes have been very nice, I have enjoyed them. Still enough free time to feel like summer and besides, we don't get homework here. I have also liked being in classes with people I normally would not be. Like Blaise and Cory and Neville. Well... not so much Cory... I mean, he practically lived at my house for the past two months, but you know... and then Blaise is usually running off after Cory so so much for that... but Neville has been a pleasure to be with. At least helpful for my nonexistent green thumb in Greenhouse Work. Can't fly a broom... can't make plants not die horrible painful deaths... that class is the worst. What would I do without you, Neville? Probably kill myself, haha. Or... someone else... I'm just glad Malfoy goes onto the Quidditch pitch instead of staying with us. Otherwise someone would die regardless.

    Tomorrow! Ah, it's only a day away. I can't wait! Computers... music... Ashlyn will be happy. I miss my computer... and my internet... and my Lynn... Then all my singing. I've been practicing of course. I made myself a nice little sound-proofed area of my dorm. I heard that we will actually be singing tomorrow in a choir sort of setting for that class. I wonder how many people here have actually done anything with music before. I hope to be pleasantly surprised so that Blaise and I can put another scheme into action.

    Speaking of schemes... no one said anything to me about wanting to participate in the newspaper (except for Kat, thank you darling!). We will need a lot of writers or "reporter" type people to make this work properly. Please please please if you're interested come talk to me.


    Against my will,
    It hurts me still,
    It really stings,
    They clipped my wings.
    What could I do?
    Everything's new.
    Now that they're gone,
    I feel strong.
    I say, they did get in my way.
    I will learn to walk today.

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2003-07-30 22:53 (link)
I'm the only staff member?

I'd say it's about bloody time to start forcing employment...

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2003-07-31 01:52 (link)
I'll leave that to you then. It is your first assignment! It doesn't really fall into the realm of photography though... unless of course you take incriminating pictures of people and blackmail them into joining... Hm.

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2003-07-30 22:53 (link)
Ahh dont kill yourself over a lack of a green thumb! If you did I'd be all alone in the greenhouse and there would be no one there to hex the tenactula if it gets to frisky!

And if Malfoy ever takes a step toward my greenhouse to harrass us, I will sick my plants on him.

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2003-07-31 01:53 (link)
I'll turn him into a mouse and sick Caira on him...

(Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)

2003-07-31 13:23 (link)
Sorry, I can't help it! Someone has to keep the little scamp out of trouble. *smirks*

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2003-07-31 16:39 (link)
Are you at least attempting to recruit people for the paper...?

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