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Allie (fakesmiles77) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 17:41:00
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    umm ok so friday night was destroyed by many...but its ok...cause everythings always destroyed right? I go to the game with adam b/c a certian someone told me to go cause they were gonna go--well i told them i wasnt going and never had time to tell them i changed my plans to go-so they didnt end up being there...ugh! was raining so yeah my hair went all curly on me so i looked like a 7 year old...broke another nail accedently wore sandles b/c im in the death race to see if i can win first i guess ( it was like -30 outside) and i left with a guy that some girl likes and now she thinks this guy and i like each other when really the whole damn point of the game was to see that certian somone i was talking about earlier but hell no----they didnt what else happened this wkd--well that certian someone did call...and came and got me saturday and we went like everywhere in greenwood b/c we didnt know what to do--but it was better that way-i thought- b/c we just didnt know where we'd end up and it was more fun like that--but i dont think erik liked that very well...(FYI-Eriks the certian someone...**smiles**) hah hopefully he doesnt think im a weirdo now...oh well if he does..guess he'll fit in with the rest of the crowd aye?

    ok so new topic cause thinkin about him dispiseing me makes my insides cringe...i wrote a lot this wkd...might put them in here but i doubt it..i dont know any of you why should i bother aye? I dont know but i should have done something with crystal last night instead of erik cause i think doing somethin with erik makes him feel kinda weird...just because he knows i like him and im almost positive he doesnt like i think its a whole pitty type of deal cause he doesnt want to hurt my feelings but hes got to be like in love w/ kristi still--shes real pretty--chinc eyes..but the girls got me beat....kinda hurts to think about////you know?//// wow so i definatly said i was changing the subject and here i am talkin about erik...ughh YUCK.

    ////APOLOGIES TO CHANCE//// OMG..that sounds like an awesome band ok anyway..yeeah chance hon im sorry for how hateful i was to you the other night on here--didnt mean to sound rude. even though i was... but yeah i am sorry--i just became like good friends with you and its worthless to no be friends with someone thats been nothing but nice to told me you get on here and read these so i hope you read this.....*stares....
    ok well i love you all (EVEN YOU CHANCE///smiles) call me er something if you read this...later guy i love you..

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