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Melissa (fakehappiness) wrote,
@ 2003-07-20 23:03:00
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    Normal once again
    It is good to be back, I had a Live Journal but my ex-boyfriend read it and I was in a horrible car accident, so I decided to try this. We I did not have an easy fall, winter or spring, but now I am actually normal. I have realized two very important things, one thing people sime to be great at are making up lies about me being a drug addict and a drunk, the sad thing is, by far not me, I am obsessed with never drinking or getting high, I have realized is pointless and my future careen does not go in either direction. The secound thing I have learned is males can be cruel and read you "live journal" even though they read it after you were in the hospital on the way to either living or death. I have realized that there is nothing to the people I once thought were my friends, for someone to be your friend, I have realized that takes years and my best friends I have been friends with since middle school. If I could take back this year and have it be November 10th. I would have gone out with my friends and have been fine and made it back safe and sound not with my brian injury. I remeber a couple of years ago I read Geri Halliwell's autobiography entitled "If Only" in no word that has summed up the last seven months, but there is nothing now to do but go on living and realize now how death seems very interesting to me in a not morib way.

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