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Kira (fake_a_smile13) wrote,
@ 2003-12-11 18:34:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:funeral of hearts-HIM

    i am such a bad hot or cold game player
    hi there......i'm gunna be a dork when i grow up. i'm a loser right now, then i'll be a nerd. then dork.
    i'll have hot-super-spastic-really-really-ridiculously-good-looking-kids-with-someone-yeah-arielle-don't-tell-who-it-is-I-WANT-MY-ICE-CREAM-CONE-IT-SMELLS-LIKE-TEEN-SPIRIT-AND-TACOS

    yeah i think i will stop now.

    i was just talking to SOMEONE and it was weird. yeah janitor's closets are fun right? right. so THEN i talked on the phone to ellie and she was wondering why i am such a spazz. i am almost as spaztik get off the stage!
    YOU get off the stage if you want me to get off the stage so much!!YOU SUCK! THANK YOU... clap.........................clap GOODNIGHT! as like kenny vasoli video big boy
    even though he wasn't spaztic
    but arielle forgot to take the soda from him AND she drank the soda at her house! traitor! so THEN she gave me a picture of yeah him and i was like wow man thats angelicness i swear but i wish i was talking to them but they just happen to be learning of lovely stop signs at the moment. oh lord, i am jealous. the other day i went to megs. it was saturday and sunday i think. saturday we ran around in the snow in......cough..revealing things...cough.......and filmed it and then we got locked outside and we had to get my GRANDMUTTER to un lock the about kiwi-dream-embarassment. jesus. so then we were inside and i talked about bam and how i wish he had imaginary pants on and shiza. AND i wore my compton ass terry (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON) snowbord goggles. i want gold fronts despertly. DESPIERTA AMERICANA! lol funny spanish soaps.

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