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Faith (faith2005shs) wrote,
@ 2005-01-25 22:33:00
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    Bring It!
    Just a quick little update from this morning. This Friday might entail a “for real” ski trip. I put “for real” in quotations because I was supposed to go climbing a couple weeks ago but there wasn’t any snow. And than BAM! These last 2 weekends we got dumped on. So yeah! I will prolly be going cross country skiing this weekend. And Stupid Head Kyle isn’t coming because he has to work. Kevin might come though but I haven’t really talked to him in a while so I don’t know. All I know is I’m really excited about that. Plus, I got Climbing Club starting tomorrow! I am just so excited right now and I haven’t even called Frank yet to find out if he got the promotion but I’m just really, really wired right now!!! *breathe……….breathe………..just breathe…..* wow. As soon as I get off, I’m callin Frank. I miss you so much Baby.

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I give up
2005-01-25 22:39 (link)
This is rediculus, it tells me that it didn't work and that I have to do it again so I do and then I check and it's like "ha ha, got you!" Yeah well all I got to say about that is "Go to Hell!". Why can't I ever pu tup an entry without any trouble?

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Re: I give up
2005-01-26 06:27 (link) silly Dawn!


P.S. Email me sometime....I have a question for ya and for some reason I never added you to my address book!

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Re: I give up
2005-01-26 11:25 (link)
Eh, that's Blurty for you. It's not the greatest site to host an online journal, but since I've had this thing for more then a year or so... I can't just pack up and leave. So, you learn to deal with the fact this site dosen't work.

Besides, if I go over to Xanga, that means Aletha will have won! I must never give in! :-)


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Re: I give up
2005-01-27 06:57 (link)
ohhhhhh...... you'll give in......

You have no idea how much power I hold.



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