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Anna (fairydust8705) wrote,
@ 2004-05-02 14:35:00
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    yea im definitely bored, i should be studying...
    (1) name-Anna
    (2) piercings- ears
    (3) tattoos- nope
    (4) height- 5'6"
    (5) shoe size- 9
    (6) hair color- light brown
    (7) length- just past the shoulders
    (8) siblings- angelo & alyssa
    (9) movie you rented- erin brokovitch
    (10) movie you bought- americas sweethearts
    (11) song you listened to- goo goo dolls; iris
    (12) song that was stuck in your head- that country song about letters from home, cant member the singer
    (13) cd you bought- gavin degraw
    (14) cd you listened to- brooks& dunn red dirt road
    (15) person you've called- nina
    (16) person that's called you - nina
    (17) tv show you've watched- fabulous life of hip hop stars 2004 on vh1
    (19) you have a bf or gf- no
    (20) you have a crush on someone- yes
    (21) you wish you could live somewhere else- florida or in the carolinas!
    (22) you think about suicide- about it, or about doing it?
    (23) you believe in online dating- no lol but one of my moms friend married someone she met online and they've been together for 6 years!
    (24) others find you attractive- i hope so
    (25) you want more piercings- i think so
    (26) you drink- have
    (27) you do drugs- never
    (28) you smoke- never ew yuck
    (29) you like cleaning- when im in that wierd mood
    (30) you like roller coasters- yesssssss
    (31) you write in cursive or print- print
    (32) you carry a donor card- like a card to donate your organs, or that you get for donating blood? i have a blood one that i got for donating blood! its cool

    (33) long distance relationships- in between
    (34) using someone- against
    (35) killing people- im not a murder of course against
    (36) teenage smoking- stupid stpuid stupid
    (37) premarital sex- as long as you love them
    (38) driving drunk- why would anyone be so stupid
    (39) gay/lesbian relationship: doesnt bother me
    (40) soap operas- only general hospital...for lucky!

    (41) food- mango and chicken fingers
    (42) song- at the moment its jessica simpson--take my breath away
    (43) thing to do- talk, dance, and eat!
    (44) thing to talk about- boys haha
    (45) sport- dance but i love watching soccer--just not on tv
    (46) drink- water
    (47) clothes- my paris blue jeans
    (48) movie- never been kissed
    (49) band/singer- maroon 5, gavin degraw, keith urban, beyonce (what a variety!)
    (50) holiday- my birthday!

    (55) of times I have been in love? not yet
    (56) of times I have had my heart broken? not technically
    (57) of hearts I have broken? i don't think really any...
    (61) of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life friends? 3
    (62) of people I consider my enemies? i don't have enemies but i do have ppl i strongly dislike
    (63) of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? a few times
    (64) of scars on my body? i can't even count...but i had fun when i was kid, so who cares
    (65) of things in my past that I regret? wow lets see about 4 or 5

    (66) disney movie- the littlemermaid, lilo&stictch, and finding nemo, you cant have just one!
    (67) scent- ralph lauren--cool
    (68) word(s)- connotes, princess consuela banana hammock
    (69) nickname- anna banana
    (70) eye color- brown
    (71) flower- yellow and white roses, and lilies

    (73) pretty- at times
    (74) funny- i like to think i am sometimes
    (75) hot- mmm....not so much
    (76) friendly- i think so
    (77) amusing- yes but not really in a funny way it seems
    (78) ugly- i feel that way a lot
    (79) loveable- yep
    (80) pessimistic- every once in a while
    (81) optimistic- yea
    (82) caring- yes
    (83) sweet- when i want to be
    (84) dorky- definitley

    (85) Spell your first name back wards- anna haha im cool like that
    (86) The story behind your user name- i wanted a new one and i somehow came up with fairydust in like 8th grade, and 8705, its selfexplanatory
    (87) Are you straight? yeah
    (88) Where do you live? owings md
    (89) 4 words that sum you up- giddy, giggly, energetic, lazy lazy doesnt seem to really fit but it seems to balance everything out

    (90) Wallet- silver w/ two black stripes from limited too that i've had since like 6th grade
    (91) Hairbrush- purple
    (92) Toothbrush- silver, yellow and blue
    (93) Jewelry worn daily- 3 rings (class ring, two i got for my confirmation), my watch, and three earrings, what ever i pick out for the day and usually a necklace
    (94) Shoes- wearing none right now, but i have a flip flop fetish
    (95) Handbag- sooooooooo many
    (96) Favorite band shirt- the calling, which i lost, which i never even wore after i complained forever to get it
    (97) CD in stereo right now- toby keith-- unleashed
    (98) What you are wearing now- boxers and some crappy old t-shirt
    (99) Hair- up, dirty, in a messy bun
    (100) Make up- a little mascara possibly from yesterday, not sure

    WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)-

    (101) In my mouth- pizza tortilla
    (102) In my head- an ache
    (103) Wishing- for fun, for freedom, and for a guy
    (104) After this- taking a shower and going to church
    (105) Talking to- blake
    (106) Eating- pizza tortilla
    (107) Fetish- flipflops, purses, and guys
    (109) Something you're looking forward to in this up coming month- getting to drive to school at the end of the month
    (110) Something that you are deathly afraid of- cops
    (111) Do you like candles- yessss
    (112) Do you like the taste of blood- ew
    (113) Do you believe in love- yes
    (114) Do you believe in soul mates- yes sort of
    (115) Do you believe in love at first sight- kind of
    (116) Do you believe in God- yes

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