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Anna (fairydust8705) wrote,
@ 2004-04-13 19:44:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:gary allen--all these songs about rain (im feelin this one)

    rain, rain, go away, come again some other day....
    wow yea so its raining again but whats new? today was pretty ok for a first day back, but we were only gone for a few days, so it wasnt that bad.
    since i am so smart and waited all break to do my homework i got to read farewell to arms all day yesterday and finish my practice SATs. great fun. finally finished FTA @ exactly 11:14 pm. then i did the SAT stuff but i just skipped tons and guessed and did horrible which i learned today when we graded them. however i did a lot better on the math section which made me happy b/c i usually do worst on it. im hoping for an 1150 on the may SATs and hopefully a 1200 in june. but of course if my score went up at all i'd be thrilled.
    well im @ the library right now, b/c i needed to do a practice quiz for psychology since we have a quiz tomorow and i havent read like at all. and i would be at home except we got a virus a while ago and we got it off but it was still doing something to the computer, but my mother took it upon herself to try and fix it, and in doing so, the whole computer is now officially screwed. but the good news is we might get cable internet now.
    so today, yea not much. new seats again in math but thats only every other day of my life. i think we've finally finished the documentary on sigmund freud in psych, thank god b/c i dont think i could have taken another day of that splendid film. it was sad, b/c my friend tiffany from ceramics just got a car, and she wrecked it over break. i dont feel too bad b/c of the circumstances, but its not my business to be putting out there. and the rest of the day was all just regular i guess, nothing extrordinary.
    im getting kinda creeped out b/c joe milazzo is carting books around the library aisles with a rather mysterious look on his face. eek!
    well i think that i should probably be going b/c i need to finish studying for psych and i still have other homework back @ home that i need to do, and wouldnt want to miss great George Dubbaya's speech to the country. ha just kidding you couldnt pay me to watch that crap. alright well i'll write ya may be a while due to the lack of internet in my house, cya!

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