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Anna (fairydust8705) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 15:27:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:that annoying playhouse disney song that was just on my tv..

    im baaacccccckkkkkkk!!!
    wow i didnt write for a whole five days. it feels like a month. hmmm more evidence that i am a nerd! but yea i guess the weekend turned out a little bit better than i predicted it.
    the concert was really good it was the best concert i've ever been to, or almost since it might be tied w/ nsync, haha. and it was fun and i drove home (on the beltway) scary times. cept i was glad b/c it was like midnite so there were like barely any cars.
    and six flags. that was fun. jens boyfriend is hilarious and everything he says cracks me up. and urggg all the damn rides kept breaking as soon as we got up in line and that part wasnt fun. and there were no more appointments left for bungee jumping thingy ma bobber. it was sunday what can i say. drove with the instructor who was like on his phone for a half hour and pointed to give me directions. good times. and the football i actually care...except that redskins lost :) so thats all that matters, lol and watched identity again w/ my mom since i was sooo confused at what happened but then i got it.
    today was ok i guess. it was like alaska outside this morning. i had to break out the winter coat. but it was really hot this afternoon so its really annoying.
    nothing really exciting happened, as if it ever does. but yay psat's tomorow so theres no 1-4 period cept i really need ceramics b/c as it is i have to have all my stuff in by the day before halloween and i really need that time to work.
    ug lots of homework to do and that stupid book for english that we have to read. and havent even started that practice test. well i better get goin b/c i still have to go to the library before i go and babysit.
    everwoods on tonight! :) something to look forward to....
    bye bye!

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