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"an anonymous face" (faerydust) wrote,
@ 2003-04-22 16:41:00
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    Current music:Delerium - Heaven's Earth

    Well, I completely forgot about this, wouldn't ya know. That ends up happening all the time, I have no discipline to update.

    Well, since the last time, I've acquired a couple of stalkers (okay, not serious stalkers, but they follow me around school, etc.) and I've been hit on a bunch of times. And asked to a prom (PUKE!). Not by people I like either. Dammit. Well, I feel all loved and special now. Sort of.

    My Chili Peppers tickets came. I held them in my hands, and it was incredibly exciting (sadly). I hope they don't cancel because of SARS.

    Oh, yeah, SARS. Everyone's afraid of my city (Toronto) now. *coughs all over everyone*

    I'm going to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in a couple of days... our music class got free tickets because of some freak of nature. Score!

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2003-04-22 19:42 (link)
Oh really... that SARS thing is so exaggerated! I was there last week and I'm not dead yet. I have a whole bunch of family that lives there too, and they haven't gotten sick either. People are just getting too paranoid.

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2003-04-24 18:09 (link)
Yep, it's definitely exaggerated. Most of the city is fine, and the flu kills more people anyway. The media makes it seem like everyone's walking around with masks -_-

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