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Lies don't hurt like the truth (eyesburnbright) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 04:56:00
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    I bet you could stay up all night tonight and wonder where I am, and it wouldn't be a fraction of the time that I've spent worrying about you. "Time of your life", wasting away in a bed room without lights, haven't showered in three days, but that's okay because you've got your happiness in a bottle.
    It's far to late to apologize darling. I already know. You've been lying saying "therepy" you weren't even attempting to go. It's too late to say you're sorry. It's too late to walk a day in my shoes, you could read these marks and still wouldn't understand the pain caused by you.
    Have you ever wanted nothing but the best for someone you loved? I gave everything but it's never enough. Have you ever wanted to just get away? I would leave this town if I knew that you'd be okay. Remember the night at the high school football game, when you showed up high? How the person you showed up with left you and you walked alone for half the night? Then you found me, I was having a great time. You were stumbling in and out of the crowd. So I said goodnight.. to the people I was with. I sat you down on a curb and waited for your ride. And you dont even remember it. You don't even remember. You don't even remember it. You don't even remember..
    It's too late to say you're sorry. It's too late to make this right. It's too late to worry about if I'm worrying about you all night. It's too late to understand and it's too late to want to care.. It's too late, because once you finally start, I won't be here..

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