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Nathan (extortionist) wrote,
@ 2005-05-01 15:48:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:NONE

    lo0o0ong time.
    hey guys, whas up. Havn't writen in awhile and you know why.. if you have read my past posts. Anyways life kinda sucks on my side. I went to a party last night and there was this girl that i really like there and when i got there i was all exited to see her and hang out with her and then she was all over this guy the whole night and he followed her around like a puppy so i never got anytime alone with her. After that i started to get jealous and I dont know why because im not dating her or anything. When the party started to die down, she was all cuddled up with him on a pool chair and i was left alone. Thankfully my parents came home soon after that. When i got home i just sat in the livivng room until my head started to hurt so I went to My room and started to cry and cry. I went to the computer and my mom walked in and started to comfort me (I love my mom) so i cried some more and it was all ok. But now i fell so self-conscious and i feel like there is something wrong with me to make her not ,like me back.
    Some names will be left blank for the sake of their privacy..

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2005-05-05 10:46 (link)
just reading this made me cry because i know how you feel and i mean i know its tough but things happen and that just means that god has someone better for you later on in life and its her loss.... its her losss... because she doesnt know what she denied and shes just not worth it so dont shed a tear for someone that doesnt deserve it... hey i mean i hope theres something i could do to make u happier.. well i havent given u the present i bought u in colombia. maybe thatll make u happier... well i g2g cuz im at skool and i just want to let you know, i love you with all my heart and soul and cheer up! ^_^ because someone loves you... stephy * big hug and wipes away all the tears*

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thnak you
2005-05-05 17:51 (link)
I just really want to see you again because it has been so0o0 long! I mean, its been months since like march or something. THATS TOO LONG! maybe we can hang out this or next weekend.

well, later for now
oh, and i cant wait to see what you got me in colombia

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