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XdontexploitmeX (exploitedpunk) wrote,
@ 2004-02-19 19:42:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:departure from set course

    "so, do you want me to drop you guys off at your friend mayvan's?- jen
    today was grand..
    colie came over and we were going to walk around my hood until we saw jen's car leave haley's so we were running after her screaming her name. and they didnt hear us so colie called jen and she turned around and picked us up and took us to fay lake park and we hung out there for a bit then she dropped us off at mayvans (shane's) and we stayed there for a half hour. then we walked to mannwiches house from shanes. that took a long time, so we hung out with raymondass and mannwiche for like an hour +. we got icecream from the icecream truck. that was no average icecream truck.. it had softserve!!! it was radddd. so colie and me watched them skate. colie took raymondass's shoes. we hit a boogie board. It was fun, indeed. then this old guy was in his truck and was like " get out of the street, or ill call the cops" and were like "so call them" he was a prick. then josh went in and ray went home and we listened to him play the drums from our corner. then ariawn picked us up and drove me home.. good day
    -fitness friday
    + cody comes
    +the weekend
    +the show is a day away
    -french test
    who knows what else

    im out

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