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exclusiive_nerd (exclusiivenerd) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 16:21:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music: wha da h0ok g0n be? ~ Murphey Lee

    waz rilii g0od
    i went t0 detenti0n yesterday and ii aint have t0 stay f0 n h0ur, i 0nlii stayed fa like 10 minuts...nd then after i went t0 stephz h0use, nd we chilled nd went 0utside...ashelyz aunt was there nd her aunt g0tz a car fr0m a football player, 0n the patriotz team, that shitz h0tt, it qotz 2 t.v's and a t.v in the fr0nt, nd it juss q0t errything ! s0o we played music n stuff, n yeRp.

    t0day skool was iight, n0thin new happened..ii q0t a 40 on my spanish test ha ii aint studay at all buh i dun care if i feel that class cuz it aint a maj0r class s0o i aint g0nna sweat it y0u kn0. nd then ii hadda study hall, that shitz dumb, i hate that dun do shit buh sit there f0 real i cant stand it. and my back, g0d damn i never g0 to my l0cker, and my back ish hurtin

    well then i dunn0 itz mad dull, were qettin a hurricane i'm mad scurred, l0lz, nah buh f0'real angiie nd sheri wanted me t0 go t0 the mall wid them, i aint tryin t0 get bl0wn away in a mall. ha.

    well i'm 0ut cuz thier aint nada to talkz ab0ut s0o i'll write back ladah

    madd.l0ve ยป exclusiive_nerd

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