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cat (evilinnocence) wrote,
@ 2003-03-21 10:29:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:NoNe

    the dance
    last night our skool had a mardi gras dance n i went to see if it would be good. it was i was dancing n talkin to all my friends. the one bad thing i thought was that someone was video taping the whole thing! man, i was bout to go over n ask on of the people why they were video taping but i didn't until one of them came over n was video taping the people i was wit. i was like " so why u videotaping the dance? " n he walked away. lol. the people that were video taping were freshman that i knew. i was having a good time n everything n then it was ova! i was so mad (but tired) cuz i was dancing for almost three hours. when the dance was finished, dan walked up to me n karen while we were getting ready to go n he started talkin to me (karen doesn't like him because she say s he's trouble, but i don't take ne thing other people say seriously because i have to get to know the person myself) well back to the dance. so, i was listen to dan n he asked me if i had a good time n i said yeah , n then he says" at least someone did". i sware he still likes me, my one friend said that he did. n then it went silent n i started to stare at him n i just blurted out, "are u stoned?!" he said that he wasn't, so i'll believe him if he said he wasn't smoking before the dance. ahhh.... i'm so hungry! i haven't eatin anything scince yesterday at lunch n when i ate luch i just had some starbursts. i lost 7 pounds from not eating. i have to eat today. well i'll catch up wit u lata today hopefully.


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Re: Dan
2003-03-21 17:03 (link)
Yes I say he's trouble and the facts provide re-inforcements to my statement. Cat all those things he got in trouble for, I can guarantee most of them were for sexual-harrasment, or just plain harrassment. I'm sorry if you dont listen to me. O well, I love ya no matter wat.


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