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Hailie Jade (evilhailiej14) wrote,
@ 2003-03-23 10:56:00
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    the best karate tournament ever
    i went to a karate tounament like 300 miles away from my town, and i was against 2 green belts and 1 brown belt. and the girl after me went to do her kata, and she had NO spirit. she didn't say 'judges my name is blah blah blah blah.' she just went up to the judges and did her kata. and I had so much spirit. she had none. i got 3rd. she had 2nd. and of course the brown belt won. i knew i had no competiton against the brown belt. but other than that, the tournament was so much fun! the tournament was in the high school, and i usually hang out with these girls that are a couple years younger than me. plus i even got to hang out with my CRUSH! me and him were really good friends. but then, my friend Amber told Eric (that's his name) that i liked him! he wasn't phased much. i thought when he found out he would have never looked at me again. i was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Eric kind of believed Amber. but still didn't believe her. anyways, about 20 minutes later, Eric went down to the bottom of the bleachers. and i had my 'adopted' daughter (who is really my friend that i just adopted) go down there to ask him if he likes me too. so Melina (the girl i adopted) ran down the bleachers. and she asked him. but then melina's real mom told her to come here. so Eric walked up to me and he said, 'why did melina ask me if i liked you?' i lied and said, 'you know kids. they want to know everything so they could stir something up.' he just smiled and nodded. i paused and i asked him. 'well do you?' and he's like, 'what?' i said, 'do you like me?' he said yes. ^_^ o boy! i was ready to have a heart attack when he said yes. i said, 'more than a friend?' he said 'yes.' i just said 'sweet'. i was the happiest girl in the world. then melina, sarah (the other girl i adopted as my daughter), Amber and Megan (two of my friends from karate) came up and we just made a little group. Eric kept getting up and pretending he was Abe Lincoln, Pamela Anderson, the spice girls, and i think eminem! yes eminem. so what he did, he stood up and gave the WHOLE GYM FULL OF PEOPLE the FINGER! we were all ready to die laughing. and what kind of cracked me up was that he kept complaining that his 'cup' was uncomfortable. and he kept grabbing 'around that area'. me, amber, megan, sarah, melina, eric, and alan (a preppy boy from karate that we all get along with) was hanging out in a few different spots for 5 WHOLE HOURS. but oh man it was so fun!

    the funnest part about it was, David (Amber's really annoying 10 year old brother that looks like pinnochio) walked up and started hanging around on the rail by the group (all of my friends and yours truly). me and eric were kind of getting 'close' to each other (if you know what i mean!!) ya know, kind of cuddling up to each other like boyfriend and girlfriend. and of course Sarah was on my lap. Eric told David to get down off of the rail or else. david got really brave and said, 'yeah? so what? if you touch me or i'll beat you up!' i got p*ssed and stood up for Eric. i said, 'if you touch Eric i will whoop you so bad your momma will feel it!' the group was going 'oooooh..' david is like, 'i am not scared of you!' and i told him, 'look, i'm a higher belt than you are (i'm green, he's yellow), and sensei will believe me over you any day! so if you threaten eric, i'm telling sensei. and YOU will get kicked out!' david said this in a sarcastic voice, 'whoops! i'm sorry! i didn't mean to threaten your little boyfriend!' eric got up and whacked david right across the face. and eric said, 'go away! we hate you! we don't want you around you four eyed retard!' i said, 'woo! that's my man!' and eric just smiled. and david made the mistake of pushing me. that made eric REALLY mad. i pushed him back, and david's back was to eric. eric hit david on the back of the head really hard! david pushed me and eric down on the bleachers and david went off running. you know the weirdest part? david didn't tell his mom about that little fight me, eric, and him got into. but he told her about the argument. and his mom told me if it happens again she will tell sensei and get me AND eric kicked out. i denyed the WHOLE thing. i just said me and my little group were trying to tell david 'politely' to move somewhere else. but shiiiiiiiiit that never happened. i'm mean to david because HE is mean to me. but anyways, as i was saying, me and my lil group are now against david, well, except for amber. cuz she's his sister and she has to be nice to him. but as for me, sarah, eric, megan, and melina, we have no use for him especially me and eric. before we had to leave, (did i mention i had to babysit this girl with a speech problem named maggie? she's a cute little girl though. i had to babysit her brother too.) maggie kept following me around. and i was trying to go around the building with eric. i had to ask him something. so there was this LONG hallway. it was about a mile long. LITERALLY. so i told eric to run down the hallway as fast as he could cuz maggie kept following us. so me and eric ran down the hallway as fast as humanly possible. then we approached the end of the hallway. and i said, 'as i was saying, will you go out with me?' and eric said 'sure!' and we boxed each other on the arm and smiled at each other. man he brightens up my day. i got parcipitation in sparring and 3rd in kata. even though the girl had NO spirit. even though my sparring sucked, i still had the best tournament ever!

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2003-04-06 16:50 (link)
hey um cool thing. whats ur name? i like in chillicothe too. check out my journal to c if u know me

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2003-04-06 16:51 (link)
hey um cool thing. whats ur name? i live in chillicothe too. check out my journal to c if u know me

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