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Chemically Enhanced Hippie (evilbunnymaster) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 16:44:00
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    Welcome to my life!
    Jesus Christ Bannanas. today is like the worst i had ever had and probably ever will. God how i hate stupid people. there were like 5 people who i just wanted to hit so badly but i didnt cause im a good little boy. when i got home i forgot my key again! 3rd day in a row and i had to climb through the smallest window. i finally got a hold of final fantasy X and i was planning on playing it for some time and i just wanted to get my mind away form school and i say to my self "i hope brian (brother) dosent come home" and shucks wouldnt you know it 20 seconds later he walks through the door. "well i at least mike (stepdad) hasnt called yet" i say ring ring freaking ring oh its the coffee house and guess whos one mike (my parents own a coffee house a mile away) he tells me to take down the punching bag which is like very heavy. all i wanted to do was to play final fantasy is that so much to ask i say.... but im venting so i guess thats good. Oh and thanks tj for telling me about this site. ive been wanting to get an online journal huh i might update before i go to bed. well toodles

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