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s e x y . p i n k . k i t t y (evil_pink_kitty) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 13:32:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:IMs

    :: Im 17 today ::
    Thursday: Today kinda sucked.. x-cept for the fact I got my libret pierced! I went to the mall with my mom, my dad and blaine.. We went to urban x-change got it done! Then took blaine home.. I came home and waited for a while for Scott to get done doing whatever he was doing.. Talked to Rachel for a bit.. Then scott and his friend came and got me and we went back to his friends house to get scotts car.. left there and went back to scotts house so he could get ready.. then we went to go and get rachel in hampton.. then back to newport news to get Greg cause he just got there.. then we went to wal-mart! So basically last night sucked alotta!! But yeah

    [ TIP : dont go to walmart with Greg unless you want ATTENTION.. ]

    Today: I woke around 12:40.. Got a call from my sister [ she sung happy birthday to me ] soo sweet! But yeh my brother also called but I was still asleep :( SUXX! But anyways! My parents are Happy!! Which is really wierd cause they are usually mad on every one of my birthdays! But they arent!! Thomas is gonna give me some Birthday spankings!! ohhhhh cant wait lol Thomas!! well thats about!!

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2003-08-08 17:47 (link)
Hi.. I heard you want my blurty. It's an early adopter so yea, don't mind the user name I know it sucks. If you do want it, IM me at myxheadxhurts, I'll give you the password and do the layout for you if you wish.

-Rox in a box-

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2003-08-10 17:50 (link)
Hey I would like ur blurty!! If you can do the layout for it.. that would be cool heres the infomation about what I want on it!Background: hot pink and black with pink kitty writing on the background and meow!
Font Size: 9
Font Name: Tahoma
Font Color: light pink
Scrollbar Colors: black and hot pink
Cursor Type: cross or anything purty
Comment Links: a blinking star in the middle 2 wanna .. get naughty
Title: Sexy Pink Kitty
Music: no
Link Effects: make it glow to a purple color!
Link Colors: white
Do you want a scrollbar box entry?: (yes or no) no
Text Entry Box Placement: right
Border Style: ( dashed/solid/double) solid
Border Size: (1 being thin 4 being thick) thin
Extra's: at the bottem of every entry when i update.. can u put :. Pink Kitty Luffs you! .: like have it scrolling across!!
Icon: (if u want us to make an icon) a picture of a cute kitty.. that says *sexy*
Do you have an EARLY ADOPTER account?: (yes or no) no


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