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Steve (evensteven) wrote,
@ 2004-02-03 12:43:00
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    Current mood: rejuvenated
    Current music:Mae- This Time is the Last Time

    I had quite the odd dream the other night: My teeth were falling out, one after another. My bro's girlfriend said that usually means you're stressed, so I need someone to volunteer to give me a massage:). Then LAST night I had a dream about being in World War II. I was kicking some ass, and was in a trench that I jumped in to get more ammo, and some fuckers killed all my compadres from a balcony, and there were Germans all over so I pretended to be dead, then when they were all doin something else, then I got my ass up and booked toward friendly lines, where I stabbed a few assholes nazis in the back with my bayonet. Scary thing is I wasn't scared, it was really fun... scary the mind of a man is. I finally got a decent amount of sleep feels so good, last 3 nights before last night I had gotten about 5 hours or less a night. Ohh you want something funny, okay. Well we learned that Freud defines sex as pleasure in any organ... so anyone whose given or received a massage from me, has had sex with me! Im sluuuutty.. Actually if you're laughed at me before, we've had sex! You were good by the way;). No funny stories of me walking today, i'll try to produce some:).

    The Stevenator

    P.S. Its my hott body I do what I want
    P.S.S. Comment and I'll have 'sex' with you!

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2004-02-06 09:27 (link)
Ooohhhh Steven you are such a heartbreaker. It seems to me I have laughed at you a lot, and now I realize that all that time we were doin' the nasty! And then nothing, no cuddling, no phone call... Hey, do all guys have those crazy ass war dreams? Actually I'm not a guy and I think I've had a war dream before. Except I feel like I was more of a victim than a hero.....what does Freud say about that???

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