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EternalDeath (evanescence1122) wrote,
@ 2003-09-07 15:28:00
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    Current mood: gloomy

    hello.... yah i am not at home but i had to update... lol...
    Yah hello I am at my fathers friends house.... WOOOO!! so yah any ways i am like really bored they are watching football... WOO! not im not really into it so yah... iwas trying to finish the pearl... which i WILL finish by tonight and yah i just really need to finish that... i have all of my homework done except for my language which is why i REALLY need tofinish the pearl... im about half way through.... WEEE!!! well anyways now to tell you about my weekend... FRIDAY Yah well on friday i hung out with melody(chucks sis)... sarah and kelly(melodies friends and partly mine from past years...) and yah that was fun... yah see i had to go and watch my sister compete in her competiton which i missed anyways... but yah i did spend the whole time wandering around with them... and yes taylor was tagging along then too... but i do have to admit it wasnt the worst... nor was it the greatest... well yah anyways ispent most of the time just walking around and stuff... but yah i ran into everyone BUT joe so yah it was a fairly fun night i suppose... well yah i was ORDERED tobe home by 10:15 so yah on my way home i ran into lauren kudela... WEEE!!! not really her and her friend walked me home and then we sat i my driveway and tlak for an hour... it was actually nice to catch up i suppose... well yah that was pretty much my friday... SATURDAY Yah on saturday i spent the whole day with all of my friends.. yah we rode rides and saved people and won and ibought gay pride goldfish and later won REAL goldfish and named them FLAMING HOMO and LEZI in honor of the GAY goldfish... WEEEEE!!! woooo!!! it was fun... lol...well yah anyways... i did walk around with my mother for a bit AND i also ran into mrs buck(on friday) so yah it wasnt the WORST DAY!!! but yah... my mother brough CHA CHA and yah that ws amusing... lol... and i was light majorly craping after igot off of the gravitron... IT HURT SOOOOOOO BAD!!! [random comment: THIS FUCKING KEY BOARD SUCKS... THE SPACE BUTTON WONT WORK... AND THEY DONT AHVE A ROLLY POLLY ON THE MOUSE!!! UGH!!!] well anyways.... that was my saturday... well most of it... TODAY (SUNDAY) yah well right now everyone is freaking out about a "fumble"... whatever... so yah i am kinda just hding in their computer room.... but yah i had better go before my father gets mad at me for eing anti-social... i have already been yelled at ONCE today and i dont need it again... so byez... ill update again when i get home...

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2003-09-07 16:53 (link)
you ran into me on sat.

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