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JinX (euphoria_angel) wrote,
@ 2005-11-05 12:20:00
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    Current mood:poop
    Current music:Panic Prone--Chevelle

    Quiz time.
    Take the quiz: "What thug drink are you?"

    Grape Juice
    You are your own very special thug. You dont like to drink alcohol but thats ok... i guess.

    Take the quiz: "WHAT DO YOU REALLY LOOK LIKE? pics"

    Maybe you should read fashion magazines to improve your look.Sorry:(

    Take the quiz: "What size boobs are you? (PICS)"

    You are an A cup!
    You are the smallest on the scale! You're not that outgoing and might need to work on your communication and relationships. When a problem arises, you're probably not the one sticking your head in...

    (Funny because I'm almost a D cup. And that girl in that picture is way too thin.)

    Take the quiz: "Who the heck are you?"

    Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi
    Youre peaceful, yet assertive, but maybe you try too hard.

    Take the quiz: "Which Political Assassin are you?"

    Gavrilo Princip
    You are Gavrilo Princip (pronounced PREENT-seep), the young man who shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austo-Hungarian throne, which triggered World War One! You were part of a Serbian nationalist group called the Black Hand that wanted to free Bosnia from the monarchy. You were eventually caught and sent to prison, where you died of Tuberculosis, but you hold the title of starting one of the worst wars in European history with two shots of a gun. What an achievement!

    Take the quiz: "r u a bitch"

    ur ko0l as hell!! r0ck 0n!!
    Yuor ko0l!! thats all i got 2 say.

    Take the quiz: "Are You High Right Now?"

    You're not High
    Thank god you're not a pot head.


    Yeah. Well at least I didn't die from the plauge this time.

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