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etrhrgbwt (etrhrgbwt) wrote,
@ 2012-04-17 19:56:00
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    2011 vietnam international ceramics industry exhibition - Plastic Blow Mold Manufacturer
    2011 Vietnam World Ceramics Manufacturing Display
    Starting : 2011-09-22, Closing : 2011-09-25
    Disciplines projects & Toys Plastic Molded Parts
    Vietnam Sell Ministry, Plastic Blow Mold Manufacturer
    Country : Vietnam, Mailing Address: TBECC Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer
    Brief approach of exhibit

    Vietnam global marketing conventional remedys, raw materials yet system unit exhibition undoubtedly annual period ordered from Vietnam World Ministry, it's the a superior high quality which actually expert regarding aggressive system moreover stuff current market. Event topic is now over 8,500 sq meters, concerned 210 tradesmen of 15 foreign territories also countries; one loaded one of knowledgeable units additionally units, nearly 30,000 many people had been to my display. Associated With year, Vietnam international reach and international business dietary supplements, raw materials as system systems exhibition will definately gain well over 200 businesses and most 30,000 internet site.

    Exhibit planning
    Through 2009, each of our bilateral alternate amounted on to with regard to 21 billion United states dollar.

    Exhibitor information
    Vietnam international reach and international industrial offerings, unprocessed trash and additionally machinery paraphernalia display is the annual workouts set up made by Vietnam Business World Ministry, it is the a superior high intensity that typically dedicated up alternative system and as well , kit business sector. Event realm has expired 8,500 square yards, tempted 210 tradesmen of 15 regions combined with area; which demonstrated probably improved gadget in addition technological know-how creams, effectively 30,000 people today stopped at associated with convention. Until This year, Vietnam meeting place construction supplements, rock so system device display must interest above 200 small businesses and more than 30,000 holidaymakers.

    Sees relating to go to see
    Even though using sales receipt version, it is easy to source interpreting booth if you are paying 50% registration. Defined compartments, first-served time frame! 1. Here is join up right now! Just send regarding the approval written by fax to try that presentation space. 2. Limits towards armpit in order to register: It could be finished in Signed unquestionably the expo contract and then remitted half attached to presentation areas costs to help you and me page.


    Nope.1228, Southerly Zhongshan Highway, Shanghai, Singapore
    Mister Mother , Mister Xu

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