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e t e r n a l ~ (eternal_x) wrote,
@ 2003-05-02 00:50:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful

    This is a song my friend Daniel wrote..its very nice...he writes alot of nice songs...i'll let yall read more some other time so for now read this...

    "Found what's Lost"
    By Daniel Lam

    Rising Time,
    I think the sun is gaining.
    Waiting for a sign,
    My poor heart raining.

    So I want you to show me the way,
    To wait for you to come up to me.
    I stay in place and wait all day,
    I'm blind until you help me see.

    Take to me the love you give,
    Deep inside you make me want to live.
    The look you share is never dull,
    your aurora is hauntingly beautiful.

    Love is losing me all the time,
    Why can't I let my heart die?
    I'm so lost I can't find-
    the way back where I started.

    What does it mean?
    She's not always meant to be seen,
    Why do I care?
    ...Please, give me a stare...
    -End Chorus-

    I love you too much,
    but the way for me to protect you,
    Is to put away the truth.
    And stay apart as such.

    You always change,
    to me, you're always the same.
    I always find you in that place,
    But I never find you...

    Trying hard to lose my thoughts,
    I keep the promise that I brought.
    I'm afraid I'm done,
    of myself I keep from.

    So please, leave me here.
    I don't want you to see,
    What I've become,
    In this cave under the abyss.
    Where I'll never find my bliss...

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2003-05-02 17:29 (link)
awww that awesome ! he's a good writer !

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2003-05-04 00:51 (link)
yeah i know~ its nice :)

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2003-05-02 20:43 (link)
WOW!! That is really good!! That is an awesome song to put into your journal!!


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2003-05-04 00:52 (link) friend is really talented!

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