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Esther (esthermaria) wrote,
@ 2003-02-08 01:00:00
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    Current mood: frustrated

    So I finally found a journal website that doesn`t want a fucking activation code. I am going to add this url to my links either tonight or tomorrow. I am terribly exhausted but also strangely chipper and awake. It´s after midnight here and I will be terribly tired tomorow morning but nevertheless I know that I seem to have no other choice. I finally have my pc back running again. It broke some days ago and I was without internet conection for a while. I almost died. And typically I binged. *sigh* What can I do? I am glad I am back plus I will change the layout for the site again. It looks not so good in other screen resolutions and I want the color scheme to change. We´ll see what I get done in the next days. I want to fast tomorrow. Or stick to fruits for a while. Fasting generelly leads to another binge if I don´t prepare the Fast before hand. So I might try to keep to a fruits thing for a while also I am pretty weak right now. I hope it gets better soon. Seems years of ana takes its toll right now. I try to get something done with the page tomorrow. At least it keeps me from eating. I once read someplace on the web: My website is my anti-food. Maybe it works for me as well.

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2003-02-07 19:01 (link)
Oooooh..youre fasting. Interestng, I need to, but..Im just fucking stupid about that stuff.
Need to get 'on track'
hmm good luck

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thanks baby
2003-02-08 14:27 (link)
I try to fast but you know the drill. I was a much better anorexic some years ago. Now I am simply weak. thanks for commenting so.

- Esther

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Re: thanks baby
2003-02-08 18:17 (link)
words right outa my head again... you arent weak... youre precious!

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2003-02-08 18:15 (link)
gooooood to have you here.... gooood to see your post... gooood to see you!
relax sweetp, its all good! heres a hug (((((HUGGGIES))))) and no its not the diaper huggies its the real thing, the real 100% hug material...
hmm your plan sounds like my plan... i hate the b word and then i hate myself because i always follow with a p because i just feel too damn guilty... i hate MWAH hope your day is going better!

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