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Esther (esthermaria) wrote,
@ 2003-03-16 18:08:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:Radio

    My sis has been all weird since she is back. All tight lip and quiet not even talking to me. I mean fine with me but it´s unnerving. I always think she is going to watch me even closer now. But it´s nice that nobody is talking into my food habits and workout schedule. I feel so cold and weak most of the time plus I am trying to work with Front page with starting to wig me out. This programm is so damn complicated and I feel like I am never going to understand it. A journalist contacted me some time ago and asked if I was okay that she uses my website as a pro-ana example in an article she is writing. I don´t bother any way and told her that. But it got me thinking. I never wanted a pro-ana site and maybe people got me wrong. I am working on a personal site now with most of the content of my old site but definitly not encouraging people to starve themselves. I want to present information without leading anybody anywhere. It will take me some time since I want it to look good and I will include all kind of weird stuff but you will see soon.

    I have to get out now- take the tube and get me a newspaper at the station. It´s sunday and everything is closed around here. Tomorrow a friend comes by and does some tidbits in our apartment and I hope it´s finished then. Maybe more later.

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2003-03-17 13:24 (link)
aw sorry your sisy is being offish... hope shes ok as well as im hoping that you are ok!
oooh a new site :D
dont worry about front page... what are you having problems with. i used it quite thoroughly but didnt like because it was hard to enter code without it interfering... if you have a specific problem or question maybe i could help you a lil bit.... but its all good :)
lotsa hugs being sent your way!

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2003-03-18 14:24 (link)
front page is stúuuuuupid and I took a simple editor from windows and write the code myself now. But thanks honey. You always make my day in way or other. love you´s your way and definitly a hug back.

Iam okay and my sis is back to normal but behaving better I guess. It´s never a long term thing with her *haha* but she is not so bad most of the time.

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