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Kellyetc (escribarita) wrote,
@ 2004-02-25 14:58:00
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    Day off
    I wrote earlier in a very fragile mood. I decided, after doing some homework of stuff I hate, to take the day off. I'm still in class and honestly, I should be listening, but I'm not today. This Thermo stuff is for the birds. On another note, funny, semi situational haha a few minutes ago. While sitting out ina largely echoing lobby of an engr building, i sit and watch people doing their homework, talking about R1/R2 equals blah blah, and zeroing in on the multitude of loud mouths laughing, is a guy at the end of my table talking to his "team". He's 5'8, wearing those 80'2 grey sweatshirt with the red thinner shirtted arms sewn in, about a 1' razored haircut, and coke bottle glasses. He must be of Italian or Iraqi descent, but he's telling these indian girls the equations of simple Engineering CAL. I. I'm sitting there wondering, in my young engineering days, if some guy was telling me equations, I'd probably be really turned off. Thats not an attractive quality, except maybe you + me = love. Something along those cheezy pick up lines, but still, no love for you! So these girls are throwing their streaming, dark and uncontrollable hair around their thick glasses as well probably thinking, I love when you talk isoselese triangle to me. Not only is this not a convesationalist, but his voice is somewhere between bullhorned Urkel, but his lips tend to move faster than his brain. So, it's now flowing out like
    engineering gibberish.

    It's spring folks.

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