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.purrdy.ladi. (erykah17) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 03:51:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music: Justin- Senorita

    what an eventful day..
    last nigth was so fucking funny.. my brother was so0o fucked up! haha.. he was being wicked dumb.. but i dont remember a lot of it so im not going to get into details haha..

    Today i first got up around 10 or so ish.. and tried to wake up Colleen.. she didnt move.. so i fucking went back to bed.. I slept until like i dunno 1:20 or maybe it was 2:00 i dont remember that either haha.. I got ready for the day.. and then i walked to my mums work to get money and she drove me back to my house (its just down the road from my house) and then when i got back Colleens mum was there waiting for us.. she brought us to the mall and Colleen got a new outfit its so0o cute!! (black top and a jean skirt).. then after that she dropped us off at the fair.. man i saw a shit load of people that i knew.. Col and I hung out with Chris Cutris a lot towards the end.. hes so0o0 hott! haha hes really funny too.. Kyle S. is wicked funny too haha.. Cody and Jared got pissed at me becuase i "ditched" them lol... and then Jeremy got mad becuase i called him a pussy cuz he wouldnt go on the zipper haha.. then when the fair was over i was at the store waiting for mah mum and i said that i was sorry i called him a pussy haha and he gave me a gold Mardigraw bead neckless lol.. humm.. I also talked with Shawn B... He called me when i got home 2.. He wanted to hang out..

    More shit happened eairler on tonight.. but thats **MY** business lol.. (a night I'll never forget haha right Colleen)

    Much Love <3 eAo

    It feels like somethings heating up can i leave with u.. -Ladies- i dont know what im thinkin bout, really leaving with you!

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2003-07-30 04:13 (link)
i love u erica ur one of few people i know that r kewl enough to stay up all night with me i must hand it too u ur one cool cat straight outa motown. love ya!


p.s. the fair wouldn't have kicked as much ass without u!

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2003-07-30 04:18 (link)
awww Kurt i love u 2! haha.. u deff are kewl shit lol.. We gotta hang out sometime lol.. And your welcome about the whole staying up all night and talking to u haha.. ur wicked funny and i LOVE talking to you haha..
Much loves
<3 erica

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2003-07-31 02:10 (link)
haha Col i love u man lol <3 ya Sista..

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