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I want you to know that I miss you, I miss you so. (eremophobia) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 01:02:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:Senses Fail

    I got my new camera.. YES!




    my eyes loo0k so perty in this picture..
    TOO BAD they dont always look that way!

    Im at Brits.. watching the drive thru dvd! Talking to Jesh, Sam I left you an odd voice mail tonight, I sang.. and you heard Finch. Hahaha. I love you, baber. I miss Mike. ANddd.. I got my cellphone number, and if you wanna call it, please do. 207 - 357 - 2558. And if youre stalking me.. thats weird.

    Jeshhhhh :(!

    Oh yeah and Id like to mention one thing. I read Jon's journal just now. 1- Jon you're a liar. 2- Why the hell did I bother caring about you? 3- Youre a fucking asshole, "why did I ever let you inside my heart, Im such a fool." I should have listened to Sam and Ben and everyone. Blah, stupid males. (excluding all of the ones that I love) Hahaha! On a better note, Ive been talking to my lovely cousin, Justyn. He is such a sw33t kid. I missed him a lot. He played a show today in Jay and I MISSED it. BLAH, Im mad. But hes playing on the 23rd so its all good. I shall be there. I plan on doing something tomorrow. Hopefully. Jeff will be calling me, so.. I have tons to look forward to, right? Haha. Anyway, Im not tired at all. Its 2:33AM, my sleeping hours have been weird lately. wo0, Im wide awake. Hahaha, OMG R2K... Nate.. SO fucking fine. Finch rocks, and so does this dvd. I want it. Buy this dvd for me.. CHRISTMAS IS COMING, yes. Christmas. I changed everything to Finch.. I needed a change and couldnt think of anything else but Nate's cuteness and r2k's.. dancing. The DANCING, BRITTNAY :"> I love you.. and stop looking at me like that or Im going to kick you.. yeah., wo0- sorry. I love you.

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2003-08-10 01:13 (link)
kati so pretty..

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Sammer Loves Lexer!
2003-08-10 19:01 (link)
w00t. Hey girl! I'm glad that your cam is now being nice and working. =D Yay. Last time I talked to you on the phone, you were telling me that it wasn't working. Well, looks like it's working nowwwww! <3 You look so prettyful.. Like Always. Anywho, I think I'm going to call you after I get done with this comment.
Loads of Love-

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