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teh alex (erekose) wrote,
@ 2004-02-29 15:58:00
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    What What!
    So i had an odd dream last night....odd in the first because i actually got sleep, and odd in the second in the fact that it really told me that architecture is what im here to do. I had a dream last night about a building, one of my own design that had Frank Lloyd Wright tendencies to it at some times. It wasn't really a building that stayed the same, but a building that changed as it existed. but luckily, there were characteristics about the building that remained the same and luckily were the characteristics about the building that made it what it was. the building was built mostly out of reb brick, but not the kind that has mortar, like a fireplace. no, this brink was smooth to a degree, though one could still see the dividing lines between pieces. and the red color was not the normal red brick color, it was more of a terra cotta color, but is best described as the earthy red that Frank Lloyd Wright used in many of his structures. the building was also made out of glass, glass that reflected a stunningly blue sky, and the glass gleamed in the light. the building also had windows in it, more then the glass portions of the structure, but they windows were more like slits in the red brick material. the slits/windows werent thin like the murder holes in castles, they were at least three feet wide and two stories tall.

    safe to say, i'll be drafting the image of the building that i saw in my dream, and i hope that i can give the justice to what i dreampt. there was more to it than what i described above, but i just wanted to give even the barest glimpse to you about what i saw. i cant wait until i draw it. woo. and in a few years, i MIGHT be able to use the design, depending upon the client and whether or not they approve of the design for their purposes....yeah. peace, i gotta read breakfast of champions.

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2004-03-01 00:18 (link)
That's pretty powerfull. I'll be scared if I have a dream about computers. It will be scary, you know how my dreams are. It will involve computers, Elvis, mutant shoes, and those things mechanics put in your car so they don't get grease on the carpet.

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