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Moises (epit0me) wrote,
@ 2005-03-06 08:37:00
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    She layed there, after having been brought to the heights of pleasure... wanting the ultimate indulgement. I, for once, was nervous... probably moreso than my subject. I'm unsure if she realizes the gift she has given me... and how this very moment would remain embedded in the fabric of her womanhood for the rest of her life.

    That being said, I cherished the moment. It had been some time since I had taken such as what was given that night, and the intricate and delicate manner that cloaked every action brought me back. Every now and then, I asked if she was alright. When I drove deeper, her moans had that taste of pleasure fused with pain. Her hand played out the confusion and delight of her entity, as they strugggled... clawing my shoulders, gripping the sheets... and sometimes, just wandering in search of the right means to control something... anything. My kisses drew tenfold passionate responses. The awkwardness and clumsiness of two far different levels of experience created a slight tension, but it was laughable tension... and it was beautiful. Her shy nature when it comes to these things was transcended by the incredibly gorgeous structure of her body. She downplays it, my humble counterpart... but she is exotic to me, and I think she knows how deep the appreciation for her runs.

    The night... or rather, the experience ended in an interesting manner, to say the least. There was nervousness and a genuine concern for one another as we walked out of the apartment. As she went down the stairs... I led, unaware of her struggle behind me. When I reached the bottom, I looked up and was amused at her smile as she descended down the stairs... stepping sideways. The moment we got in the car we both smoked a black... to ease the tension. We laughed and sat silently... listening to Radiohead at first, until eventually she conceded to let me play "Allure" by Jay-Z.

    To wish the experience were different is part of my nature. I am obsessed with perfection... not so much with what we did, because I believe that went well... but moreso when, how, and where. However, when her voice spoke later that night, the joy overflowed. I realized then that it was not a fairy tale, but rather a delicate and unique experience to be remembered. Knowing that, I'd change nothing. Experience is a beautiful thing when raw. We're both left craving more...

    Thank you. I mean, I'm humbled that you thought enough of me to receive such an incredible blessing. This one will never be forgotten... never fade, not even in detail.

    - Moises

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