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Cay P. (enjoime123) wrote,
@ 2012-12-02 18:27:00
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    Current mood: devious
    Current music:JJ Nobody and the it all again

    ...well hello...
    -well hello everyone-

    Today we had off... and i did about um NOTHING... i did school work on the day we had no school?!?

    im actually going to the library too... tomorrow i believe... and probably again on thursday, i have to make [100] notecards by friday... and so far i have [25].

    everything has been going alright in my life... cept for the parents... i dont talk to them anymore... and i can never be good enough for her can i?... but thats a whole nother story...

    the eagles won... and the flyers play tonight... and one tree hill comes on tonight... <--see i have things to look forward to in my life...

    i hate girls too... they are so annoying... and me being a girl i would like to apologize to every man in the world because girls are so god damn annoying and petty... and dont look at girls either... cuz that gets them mad?!?...

    o well im gonna ask jackie n danielle if they want to go to the library with me on thursday after school... jackie has nothing better to do so maybe she will...

    well i guess im gonna go now...

    catch ya on the flip flop...


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Firneds List
2003-11-11 16:26 (link)
hi im alexis (aka asiangirl) may i add you to my friends list? you seem cool. ok later,

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Re: Firneds List
2003-11-12 16:15 (link)
sure... why not

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