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Gasmo (enj0ythesilence) wrote,
@ 2003-05-12 17:23:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:the boy who destroyed the world - afi

    First entry... woo!
    Hey there everyone out in Blurtyland, i'm Sara :D If you want to know more about me look on my info page, dumbass... :P lol jk. Uhh well let's start out with a little info on my day today. I went to the cleveland zoo with my biology class and the senior enviromental class and holy jebus it was fucking cold! I about froze my bewbies off man... me and jen switched jackets and such, cause all i didnt like my hoodie... so i was jen m. the whole day... huuuuhhh all day i walked around with minch, dan, laura, leslie and gina... some interesting shit went on... i so wish i had a camera... especially when the gorilla charged at us and stuck its ass up against the glass, and when the baboon saw leslie and got a boner... yeah, fun stuff... or maybe when leslie was fondling the orangutang statue. it was so scary at the end of our field trip though. jen, jp, jess, and amanda stole shit from the gift shop in the rainforest thing and one of the ladies saw jp walk out with a stuffed animal and pressed a button or something... dan wanted to tell on them... i was kinda ticked, because not only would they get in trouble, but the whole biology and enviromental classes would too, and that's just not cool man. and then on the way home, jen saw metro park police in struthers... which is kind of scary because they're from cleveland... they came all the way up here because of a few necklaces and stuffed animals? crazy shit man. anywho, this is gettin long for a first entry... so ima finish this up... byyyyes everyone

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2003-05-12 21:01 (link)
Oh my god you went to the zoo? I love the zoo...pointless I know but...I do.

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2003-05-15 16:54 (link)
Yes sireebob we did go to the zoo... i love the zoo too, except when its 40ยบ out and windy an rainy :( then it's not so good... polar bears are the greatest

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