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:+: TeArFuL_cRy :+: (endless_tearsx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-28 19:40:00
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    Current mood: hot

    Hmm Yeah.
    Wow lol i feel like i really need to say loads, i just don't know what. So since christmas, On boxing day i went to see my Dad, Nan, Grandad, Auntie and Uncle lol.
    I got:
    :+: £100 off my dad.
    :+: A rug, Dressing gown, Chocolate off my nan.
    :+: This make up thing and gell pens off my uncle.
    :+: Slippers, Lip gloss, Flannel thing, A bag, £20 off my auntie.
    So thats what i got boxing day. Yesterday i went to milton keynes just to get some fluffy yeti boots but you know my luck, they didn't have any in my god damn size. But i got some 'O'neill' ugg boots. They're really nice. Tomorrow i'm going back to milton keynes and i'm gonna get:
    :+: Denim skirt
    :+: Skin coloured tights.
    Which will come to about £15
    Then i'm ordering off the internet:
    :+: Denim skirt
    :+: Thongs
    :+: Furry boots
    That will come to about £70
    I have £115. And on tuesday i'm going to the cinema with Karl and i'm saving £15. Then i need £5 for bus fair and £5 for food. But yeah so thats all my money gone. Then for my Birthday i wanna get.
    :+: Dc's
    :+: P.O.D hoody
    :+: P.O.D skinny fit top
    :+: Jeans
    I dunno what else i guess it just depends on what i get.
    So anyway i better go. Cya -x-

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