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:+: TeArFuL_cRy :+: (endless_tearsx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-16 19:03:00
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    Current mood: bored

    Damnit, Blurty has been down on my computer for some od reason i was like.... waiting for god knows how many days. I did update but it kept saying ERROR try again later. But yeah, now it's working so i wanna update for the weekend. So Friday: On Friday i went to Iron Maiden concert and i went with my auntie and her boyfriend. It was really good. We left at 5 and we went to london on the train and the underground. But we arrived there at...6ish. I got a t-shirt and it's got this glittery mask on the front and says IRON MAIDEN on the back. It's really nice, it's a skinny fit t-shirt. But yeah, we got there and sat down and it was really big. Funeral For A Friend played first (FFAF) and they were really good live. And i want a FFAF hat. After they played iron maiden played and after awhile these 3 boys sat near us. 2 of them were well fit. So then i wanted a drink and he followed me and asked for my number, I was well like.... Oh my god. But i couldnt say no so i gave him it. I have been texting him loads and he's called Mark and he's just turned 16. He lives in windsor, in London. And he has 2 sisters. Lol i no everything about him, it's so kool. He texts me loads and he thinks i'm nice, Sweet, Gorgeous lol. It's really weird him saying it too me. I wanna meet up with him but i guess that won't happen although i'd love it if we did. So yeah that was pretty much the intresting part of my weekend. Karl has asked me to go to the cinema with him on the 22nd which is next monday it think. I dunno what we're gonna see and how and where so, i dunno really lol. I'm so bored...Well better go. -x-x-x-

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