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:+: TeArFuL_cRy :+: (endless_tearsx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 19:28:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Spineshank = Violent Mood Swings

    This Months Horoscopes
    The unexpected dividend of Mercury entering your sign on the 2nd and then turning retrograde on the 18th lengthens his stay. The plus factor is get away, if you're travelling, before he moves backwards. Not only will you remove stress and wind down before Christmas begins but you'll give yourself much more thinking time all of which you will need. New Year resolutions should be made at the very last minute, as you are apt to change your mind well into January. The New Moon following the Sun's entry into your sign proves that every cloud really does have a silver lining, and I suspect that with Jupiter in your house of luck and opportunity this birthday is going to open up a year of goodness in many areas. Only from the 16th should you guard against a macho man or dominating woman who wants their own way, perhaps you should put YOUR foot down and do your Christmas thing as YOU like it?

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