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:+: TeArFuL_cRy :+: (endless_tearsx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 19:10:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Chimaira = Pure Hatred

    School Today
    Right well where do I start? So today has been crap and funny...If that is making any sense. Well I had Maths first lesson and Graphics... Second lesson and to be honest they are shit lessons. So me, cara and Vicky bunked them both, second lesson we were standing outside and we got caught and were took up to isolation lol, but there wasn't enough tables so we got sent back out and were told to go to lesson and we had to go back to isolation at lunch, Did we?...No! Hmm well i don't care. I mean it's like there are more important things to life than doind stupid pathetic work at school that won't halp me in life anyway so yeah it's official...I HATE SCHOOL! Along with that me and Karl have had a huge fight over the weekend, He is being such a... I dunno, But he gets in these fucked up moods and then gets really depressed dragging everyone down with him and i can't handle him being like this. :'( But anyay he sent really hurting texts, even though they were so simple but i found them... Horrible! But i dunno, he cut himself aswell, and he knows that it really pissed me off and i want him to know too 'cause he dosen't realise how much i hate it. I really like him and i need things to start looking better 'cause i can't carry on like this... x x x

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