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:+: TeArFuL_cRy :+: (endless_tearsx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-26 18:34:00
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    Current mood: irritated

    :'( Hmm it raind so much today... It was horrible i can't believe it although my hair didn't get all that frizzy :) I didn't see karl much, I did at break but the thing is, at break he dosen't seem in a cuddly mood like he does at lunch. But that's why i'm looking forward som much to the x-fets thing 'cause i'm hoping he'll be all sweet and caring. I know he cares about me...alot! But i really like boyfriends that are cuddly and that, thst always want to be with you and stuff, People say they don't like clingy boyfriends but...I do :) And Vicky's decided she wants to go and i'm guessing it's 'cause Joe Morris is going and she's buying this Punk Band top and hat so i think she's gonna go into that thing to try impress him like she did with Luke Porter lol... What a sad Bitch lol. So yeah, i guess me and cara are gonna have to put up with her... However, Cara usually stays with amanda and i'm usually with Karl, And i don't want her to get the impression i'm staying with her or she can tag along with me 'cause i'm gonna be with Karl and i don't want her to be standing there trying to link with me or anything. At the end of the day it's time for me to spend with Karl... Hmm i really wanna see him now, I wanna spend so much time with him it's wierd. I just have this feelin' that on the 6th at stotfold i'm not gonna be with him 'cause of her, she'll cling to me and i don't want her to...

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