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Jason-Bourne (realmusic) wrote in emosucks,
@ 2006-11-04 00:33:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:Syndic Call - Isis

    Lawl at inactivity!!
    The Emo Hate Reich has 127 friends on the Emo Hate Reich but, yeah i've been inactive and i'm gonna start promoting and updating more.

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2006-11-04 00:38 (link)
on the MYSPACE, rather, sorry about that, I'm so tired.

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2006-11-07 10:23 (link)
its not like i'm emo or anything, i'm just seriously wondering; why are you doing this? it seems kinda pathetic, but maybe thats just me. explain please? :)

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2006-11-07 15:12 (link)
To start, fuck you sympathizer.

Second. Fuck you anonymous.

Get an account and I’ll answer any reasonable questions you have.

I'm sure you have many of them as a result of your mental weakness.

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2006-11-16 06:16 (link)
Haha sorry I don't have an account, no need to get angry or whatever, relax.

You're exaggerating about my number of questions, only uno. turned out better than you thought ha;)

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2007-05-21 20:22 (link)
you guys make me sick y do u u put ur reputation on the line u fkn homos

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2008-07-19 11:36 (link)
You, this site, and everyone against EMOS are fucking stupid because you guys don't understand try fucking talking to an emo kid they're not all the same like the fucking "GANGSTA" kids and the wanna be rappers....Emos are all individuals...are you afraid to be different? or are you just choosing to be a douche? I'm emo yeah, but I'm not gonna go pity myself....Yeah I cry and I'm sensitive, but that doesn't make me stupid does it? Because I have emotions and feelings and I show them...I'm a damn good writer because I decided to write and not cut myself you guys wanna be ignorant fags go ahead, but don't take it out on the Emo kids!!!
wanna email me go ahead SO FUCK WITH ME BITCH!!! I'll put you and the rest of you fags on this site in your places!

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2011-01-07 20:07 (link)
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